Chocolate Tofu-Tiffin

If you know me personally, you'll know that I am the queen of 'last-minute'. I'm always showing up late, but usually I'll have something home made in hand. I make lists and plans of handmade gifts I shall make well in advance of the big festive day, only to find myself running around until midnight whipping up said planned gifts the night before. It is forever my new years intention to become more organised and make things way earlier in advance , but as much as I try, I'm still always finding myself doing those last minute makes and bakes. This is where quick and simple yet deliciously awesome foodie gift ideas come to the rescue. I'm all about home made edible gifts and especially ones that can be made the night before a certain celebration. For anyone who finds them selves in the same boat as me (fellow last-minuters, raise your glasses), I give you the ultimate chocolate tiffin. Not just any tiffin. Tofu Tiffin. With rum-soaked raisins. Yup. The recipe is inspired by the cake my ...

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